New Zealand Entertainers

This is a page dedicated to all our New Zealand Entertainers and how they shaped the music of New Zealand through the years.

The first Entertainers I am putting up are the ones I can find that have their own websites or if you have info on a NZ Country Music Entertainer don't hesitate to contact me and I shall add them

Joy Adams
Gray Bartlett
James Ray
John Rowles
The Northern Outpost
The NorTthern Outpost
Marian Burns
Glen Moffatt
Tex Morton
Ritchie Pickett
Billy T James
Rusty Greaves
Maori Hi-Fives
Sally Burgess
Chet O'Connell
Roger Tibbs
Annette Hawkins
Carleen Still
Eddie Lowe
Dusty Spittle
Lynn Walters
Patsy Riggir
Rhinestone Mining Co
John de Burgh
Just Kiddin'
Dan Cosgrove