If you want to have awesome fun at this time of the year you have to go to the Hokianga Country Music Festival. There is nowhere to start or finish. The talent of the entertainers was awesome and some of the guitarists backing people mezmerised you like *The fingers, Willie Shelford, with James on drums that didn't stop moving his sticks and Stretch that moulded so well he became his bass and they were all a part of Country Drifters with Neville singing songs like you wouldn't believe. Just Kiddin were the youngsters of the show but their banjo playing like their voices were to die for. There were just so many bands that were so good like the band *White Goat, they were so different in their voices but blended so well they became one.

The food at all the venues was great and some had special treats like the food at Rawini Hotel. It's worth the drive just for their seafood special. The lamb shanks were so good at Kohukohu, they sold out on Saturday

The accomodation was awesome and we appreciated the way everyone was so helpful to make sure we had everything we needed.

What can I say about the organisers, they have fundraised all year to make this the most enjoyable show of the year throughout New Zealand and they did an amazing job. They all volunteered numerous hours of their time to make it all come together and come together it certainly did.

Here are the pics I took at all the venues to give you an idea of the fun we had, they say one picture is worth a thousand words and that they are, so a very big THANKYOU to all the organisers, the Hokianga Country Music Club and everyone involved.

This year we went again and had such a great time. The only sad part of the whole event was when it was time to go home on Monday. It was a pleasure to be hosted by the whole of Team North. Team West, Just Kiddin' & The Westgate Posse look forward to it every year

For Contact about going or entertaining each year contact the great team HERE